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Pope's Visit to Germany

Well friends, the son of the soil is back to the country (Germany) for a little while to repay his debts to the country which made him the highest leader of Catholics. Yes, you are right I am talking about Pope Benedict XVI. Observers claim this was the "Pope's Woodstock" during the world youth day.

But for the modern youth of Germany, is this visit going to make any difference in their lives? They are rather skeptical about the German pope as they presume that conservatives will get a major boost in the society. They rather want a leader who looks into their problems. Some of my German friends commented "It is not good that a German Cardinal has become a pope" because they feel that it means an end of a lot of things especially their freedom.

Looking at the media coverage it appeared that Pope's visit was no more than another day out for already bored German youth looking for some respite from the lousy weather here (I am sure Michael Jackson would also have been received by an overwhelming crowd). People just ask each other "What did you do to the weather?". The nice sunny and warm days are long gone. Whether you like it or not there are signs of an early onset of winters. It is good for beer drinkers...for others it means spending most of the times indoors.

I long for the bright sunshine of India...writing from my desk here in Germany
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