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Gear up for Oktoberfest!

Dear friends,

The countdown for Oktoberfest has started. Just 24 days to go until the world-famous Oktoberfest opens its gates. It will start on September 17th at Munich. The mayor of Munich, is going to tap the first barrel of beer and officially open the World's biggest fair. This fest will end on October 3rd followed by grand fireworks. People from all over the world throng the beer tents. These beer tents are huge temporary installations. You should consider yourselves lucky if you get a place to stand inside these tents (forget about sitting :-)). If your stomach is already grumbling and head is spinning coz of claustrophobia, you could also try out Volksfest (on lines of Oktober fest in Munich) at Bad Canstatt in Stuttgart. You would feel more comfortable and ample amount of air to breath.

A couple of Indian Festivals are also lined up during the coming months. Will keep you updated about the upcoming events.

Have fun and happy guzzling
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