Rice fields

Aeroindia Show 2007, Bangalore (India)

Some of the heroics in the aeroshow today (10th Feb 2007) performed by the pilots of Indian Airforce at Yelahanka Airforce base in Bangalore. This is the biggest aeroshow in Asia and is successfuly running for the sixth consecutive year. This show started on 7th Feb 2007 to 11 Feb 2007. These are some of the photos shot during the air display. I also missed a number of shots due to high speed of machine and my slow reflexes. Wonder how those pilots are able to take decisions in split seconds. I salute these heroes.

Here comes the Surya Kiran Diamond formation 20001
balley in air0001 scattering for more0001
team spirit

More is available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/29048567@N00/

Photo expedition

It snowed some more today, so went out to shoot. Enjoyed a lot. Feeling quite good about it today. This shot is like a painting which I will definitely want to draw one day.


I pass by this house everyday and I like the tree in front of this house a lot. It in fact enhances the beauty of this house.

A winter house
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Jai Hind

Well here comes another republic day. With a roaring economy and positive developments we have a lot to look forward to, work hard and reach even greater heights for a better tomorrow. Jai Hind!


PS: I admit this photo was not shot by me but would have loved too